5 Highly Rated Laundry Shop in Houston Texas

Busy households barely have time to get the laundry done. That is why we have come up with the top 5 highly rated laundry shops in Houston Texas to help you pick the right choice for your laundry needs. Take a look at our list below:

1. World of Laundry

This shop, located at 1415 S Voss Rd Ste 110-437 Houston, TX is open seven days a week from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. They use top-quality, industrial-grade washing machines that can handle all your washing and cleaning needs. They offer services to apartment residents, homes, hotels, schools, and restaurants, and even sports leagues. They use eco-friendly detergents that can take care of your clothes including Legacy of Clean, Seventh Generation, or Clorox Works. Pick-up and delivery services are also available which can save you time. They service most of the Greater Houston Area and put emphasis in their fast, efficient, customer-friendly services.

2. Vara Laundry

Vara Laundry offers free pickup and delivery from your home and office so you don’t have to worry about going out. They can wash, dry, fold iron, and dry clean your clothes. They are open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm. Saturday schedules start from 7 am until 4 pm.

Vara Laundry makes sure you get your clothes back as fresh and as pristine possible. To do this, they separate your clothes according to fabrics, colors, and manufacturer specifications. This is to ensure that all the garments that you entrusted to them are properly cleaned and cared for. You can inform them in advance if there are sensitive fabrics that need extra special handling during the cleaning process. After that, all your clean clothes are folded as neatly and tightly as possible and secured inside clear packaging to ensure proper handling of your clothes for delivery.

3. Sekco Laundry Services

Sekco Laundry Services offers a lot of laundry services including pickup and delivery, wash and fold, laundered, and press. They also have commercial and linen cleaning services. They service the greater Houston area including Fresno. Aside from their wash and fold services, their laundry and press use industrial irons to get your shirts, suits, dresses and tablecloths pressed. Free pickup and delivery at your convenience can be scheduled by both residential and commercial customers. They can wash and dry and even iron your clothes (upon instruction) and return the neatly folded laundry the next delivery day. You can be assured that your clothes will be treated like they were their own.

4. Press Cleaners

Press Cleaners offers laundry and dry-cleaning services at the touch of your fingers. You can easily schedule a pickup and delivery by calling them or through online booking. A delivery staff can be scheduled to pick your laundry up and can deliver back your fresh and wrinkle-free laundry on your scheduled drop-off. This can save the customers time in driving to the laundry shop to drop off their load and picking up after. Pickup and delivery at Press Cleaners are entirely free. They can do weekly services that can free you from the worry and stress of cleaning or dry cleaning the laundry. Payments can be made online from your smartphone and computer.

5. Ricky’s Dry Cleaners

Ricky’s Dry Cleaners offers a full dry-cleaning service that includes wash, fold and of course dry cleaning. They offer contactless free pick-up and delivery for all your dry cleaning and laundry needs. They can take the chore of laundry from your busy hands and all you need is to sign up to their monthly subscription or you can pay by the pound. Since the average household spends 10 hours in laundry a week, Ricky’s Dry Cleaners can do the never-ending repeats of the wash-fold-dry routine for you. You can give them a call for a schedule or simply log on to their website.

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